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Revisiting The Top Technology Predictions for 2022: Was the Cyber Writing on the Wall?

Revisiting the Top Technology Prediction for 2022:
Was the Cyber Writing on the Wall?

The flurry of cyber-attacks upon a range of prominent businesses and schools in the back half of 2022 seemed to catch many by surprise, with business leaders being completely unaware to the consequences of insufficient cyber protection.

However, at Step Fwd IT we figured it was important to ask the question – were these businesses warned about the increasing probability of a cyber attack, long before it happened? Hence, we decided to go back and assess the Technology Trends and Predictions made by industry leaders at the beginning of 2022, and see if the cyber whirlwind of 2022 could have been lessened, or even avoided. 

2022 Technology Predictions:
Inciting a Need for Disaster Recovery Readiness

Bloch Advisory Predictions

In February 2022, former Chief Technology Officer of tech-giant CISCO and founder of the Bloch Advisory, Kevin Bloch published his predictions for the Technology sector throughout 2022. Bloch delivered expert forecasts on Network Infrastructures, Cloud Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and quite simply, he did not miss. But what’s most important to us are his sentiments about cyber security, whereby he distinctively states that the “unpredictable and unstoppable nature of the cyber landscape requires businesses to demand a different cyber approach – as matters are only getting worse”. Bloch goes on to recommend full migration to the cloud, shows concerns around ransomware and advises increased consolidation of cybersecurity vendors and platforms to all businesses. 

Kaseya Predictions

Another industry leader that deliver IT & Security solutions to over 500,000 businesses globally – Kaseya, also delivered their Top Four Tech Trends for 2022 in January last year. In similar nature to Bloch’s predictions, they warned of an increase in ransomware attacks by an astronomical 68.5 percent in 2021 and proceeded to detail a likely rise in this figure for 2022. 

Australian Government's Cyber Security Centre Predictions

Finally, a warning of undeniable significance came from the Australian Federal Government’s Cyber Security Centre in February 2022. The government branch advised all Australian organisations to “urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture to improve their cyber resilience in light of a heightened threat environement”.

2023 Technology Predictions:
Avoiding the same Disaster Recovery Protection Mistakes

Listed above were three of many fairly damning indications given to all Australian businesses to ensure they were adequately cyber protected, yet so many companies of all sizes and structures evidently ignored the signs. Hence, the best thing any business leader can do now is to make sure they make the same mistake in 2023. To make sure this this the case for your business, we have collected an array of technology and cyber security predictions for the current year, so that business leaders can take actions in advance. 

MailGuard Predictions

MailGuard, a long-term and highly trusted partner of Step Fwd IT, released their 2023 predictions on January 30 which were headlined by a forecasted increase in government overwatch upon corporate cybersecurity. This was supported by statements from Home Affairs & Cybersecurity Minister – Claire O’Neil, declaring she wanted “Australia to be the most cyber-secure country in the world by 2030”. In backing this up, the government has already come down very harshly on businesses that have failed in their cyber approach with massive financial sanctions, as well as delivering cyber compliance content (such as the Essential Eight Framework) to help Australian organisations to become cyber safe.

Forrester Predictions

Globally renowned consultancy firm, Forrester, also stated that 2023 would require prioritising of cyber security and risk practices, whilst also foreseeing many cases in which internal IT teams would become overwhelmed and burned out. Their 2022 study on IT Security Team Workers, they found that 64 percent of their participants experienced stress at work that impacted their mental health in a negative way.

it support for schools
Source: State of Mental Health in Cyber Security - Tines (2022).

Seeking a Cyber Strategy Solution?
Step Fwd IT can help.

It is statistics like the ones above that remind us of the importance of what we do at Step Fwd IT, as our partnerships can alleviate stress abour IT and cyber security, even if we co-manage your IT with your internal team. And whilst we could go on and list cyber predictions from hundreds of different IT industry leaders and advisers, we think we’ve made our point pretty clear – you MUST be cyber protected in 2023!

Whether you decide to take action on this internally, or if you’d like to reach out to the Step Fwd IT team for a chat about your cyber strategy, just make sure you don’t come back to this article at the end of 2023 without being properly cyber protected. 

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