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Analytics & Dashboarding

Dashboarding Solutions are not often a service IT providers offer, and must be outsourced to an external agency at a significant expense. At Step Fwd IT, we offer it as part of our regular IT support service.

Utilise your data

All schools collect data through their learning management systems, but not all organise and utilise it to their advantage. By using PowerBI to build data and performance dashboards, Step Fwd IT can help you collate, manage and utilise your school and student data to increase visibility, improve efficiency, and advance learning outcomes.

Increase visibility

Dashboard possibilities are only limited by the data available. They provide immediate access to school information in a format that is clear and actionable and can cover all areas of school operations from financials, HR, medical, emergency management, student, academic and more.

Improve learning outcomes

The information PowerBI dashboards provide can be used to identify social or academic challenges that may exist for individual students, and help schools and teachers create individualised learning experiences to lift student performance. Step Fwd IT have learning specialists on hand to work with teachers to understand and translate the dashboard data, recognise trends, and use it to create the right learning environments based on their students’ needs.

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