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Disaster Recovery Systems – ASIC & The Essential Eight

Disaster Recovery Systems - ASIC & The Essential Eight

As we’ve moved into 2023, the prominence of Cybersecurity has not diminished following a frantic 2022. 

Last week, Australia’s biggest corporate overseer ASIC deemed Cybersecurity to be the greatest risk facing our nation’s business directors. 

Furthermore, they have continued to stress an increase in the severity of consequences for organisations who fail to adequately protect themselves against a breach. So, if the hacking itself doesn’t debilitate your business, you may have ASIC to deal with too.

What’s the best thing company directors can do? Be cyber-protected!

Protecting your Business - The Essential Eight

The Australian Cyber Security Centre recently curated a framework for businesses to follow in safeguarding themselves from cyberattacks – specifically labelled The Essential Eight.

Put simply, it involves eight foundational mechanisms that all organisations should implement to give themselves adequate IT security. The list includes:

  1. Performing Daily Backups

  2. Consistent Use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  3. Restricting & Limiting Admin Privileges

  4. Configuration of Microsoft Office Macro Settings

  5. Patching Operating Systems

  6. Patching Applications

  7. Controlling Application Usage

  8. User Application Hardening


Importance of adhering to The Essential Eight Model

Apart from the obvious benefit of bolstered cyber-defenses for your business, there can also be compliance requirements in this space too.

If your business currently does, or hopes to, work with government bodies, large telecommunication companies, and many other major corporates – compliance to The Essential Eight framework is mandatory.


How can Step Fwd IT help?

We understand that some of the eight tools listed above may go straight over the heads of many, and that’s okay. What’s important is finding someone who understands them to properly and safely implement them into your business, and that’s what we do!

The Step Fwd IT team of engineers will not only implement these systems, but we will also deliver continued compliance and monitoring of each mechanism too. 

Reach out to the Step Fwd IT Team today to schedule a free initial consultation!


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