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Delivery Models

We work with a range of delivery models to provide you with the best, most flexible and scalable IT environments for your business.


Some organisations still require traditional on-premise IT solutions.

We can manage your onsite physical infrastructure, providing maintenance, support and 24×7 monitoring that can detect issues within 30 seconds.


The Cloud can create an office without walls and wires – enabling your team to be anywhere, yet still work together.

We can help you to easily and securely transition your IT to the cloud, so you can take full advantage of the cost savings and scalability.


We can combine your on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based solutions for a highly customised, “best of both” approach.

This can help your business provide the flexibility your staff want and need, while controlling data security that other stakeholders require.

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Cloud Hosting

StepFwd IT provides a range of hosted solutions giving businesses unparalleled flexibility, without the cost burden of technology ownership and management.

Hosted desktop

Our hosted desktop solutions enable staff to work safely and securely, with an Internet connection, whenever and wherever they are.

Hosted email

Hosted email help staff members stay securely connected and in touch with work and customers at all times, even when outside the office.

Hosted online business applications

Our hosted inline business applications are perfect for businesses that still have a legacy or traditional application model, but need to be mobile or are transitioning off aging infrastructure.

Hosted corporate applications

Our hosted corporate application solutions – including productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Adobe – enable businesses to easily scale and budget their IT spend.

Hosted backup storage & recovery

We monitor, manage and report on our hosted backup storage and recovery solutions – providing you with more reliability by enabling you to recover a single file or an entire system, without needing to change tapes or drives.

Serverless Cloud Managed Printing

For those in or looking to move to cloud, we can help integrate simplified and cost-effective printing within a secure cloud environment.

In partnership with Printix, Step Fwd IT can provide cloud printing solutions to simplify, improve and reduce the cost of print management across your entire business, while maintaining security and efficiency.  

Another piece of ‘office infrastructure’ that can be simplified in the cloud, Printix is easy to integrate with workspace integrations like Office365 and Google Workspaces. It enables printing from any device or location to any printer within the network.

“Their expertise and strong business ethic allowed to us to put into practise an IT environment that matched budgets constraints”

Leigh Marriott – Director, Sovereign Financial Services

Infrastructure as a Services (IAAS)

At StepFwd IT we offer clients a private and elastic cloud solution built on dedicated infrastructure. This tailored solution means that you can pick and choose what aspects of your business would benefit from being hosted at a scalable, secure and monitored Tier 3 data centre facility.

Public Email Hosting

Step Fwd IT can assist your Cloud journey with seamless migration to business-class email using Office 365.

With Office 365, your email is hosted in geographically distributed data centres that feature continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery capabilities and are monitored by security experts around the clock.

Private or Hybrid Exchange

If you need to maintain enhanced security and ultimate control over your digital environment, Step Fwd IT can design a bespoke and scalable Cloud solution that allows your teams to communicate, collaborate and share information in exciting new ways.

File Sync

Secure file sharing enables businesses to collaborate in an efficient and accountable way. And by using file sharing on all your business devices, you can access, share and edit files from anywhere.

Step Fwd IT ensures that file sharing meets business needs, is easy to use, and ticks all the right security boxes, so your business can share files with confidence. Our team creates a digital environment that puts clients in control of their data 24/7. This means that staff members can be connected to up-to-date information wherever they are.

Step Fwd IT’s file sharing also includes download alerts and activity reports, and connects to a preferred disaster recovery solution.

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