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Digital Learning Environments

At Step Fwd IT, we compliment 21st century classroom pedagogy with user-friendly digital learning environments to enrich learning outcomes while saving the environment and reducing costs.

Continuous Reporting

Provide students and parents with immediate access to assessment feedback and results. If you are looking to move away from traditional end of term or semester reports, we can help you manage a seamless transition to a continuous reporting model.

Online Pastoral Care

An online pastoral care solution will improve staff confidence as it empowers teachers to better meet the needs of every student under their care.

Go Paperless

Save money, save the environment, and transform learning. We can work with your staff to better utilise solutions that streamline staff workflow, improve accessibility to resources and encourage the use of digital inking.

Portals, Websites & Apps

As technology evolves, schools are increasingly reliant on a variety of applications and online resources. We work with schools to ensure that staff, students and parents can easily manage and locate the right tech and resources.

Interactive Smartboards & Displays

Utilise the latest in technology to promote collaboration and interaction within the classroom. New tools and mediums present new learnings opportunities and ways to engage with all students.

Step Fwd IT can help upgrade classroom tech to include smartboards and displays. Fully interactive, these boards allow staff and students to project videos, content, cloud documents and more. Several leading schools have recently invested and implemented this tech.

Ideal for classroom environments, smartboards are geared for interactive collaboration. Wireless and mobile, they can be moved between rooms. Step Fwd IT’s integration includes training for teachers to maximise the experience and the outcomes.  

Serverless Cloud Managed Printing

Make the most of cloud possibilities with simplified and cost-effective printing within a secure cloud environment.

In partnership with Printix, Step Fwd IT can provide cloud printing solutions to simplify, improve and reduce the cost of  print management across your entire school, while maintaining security and efficiency. 

The solution has easy workspace integrations and enables printing from any device to any printer within the network, with an unlimited number of users.

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