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Cyber Security

At Step Fwd IT, we offer a proactive, top-down approach to IT. We encourage principals and business managers to include cyber hygiene learning in their curriculums and within their awareness training modules for staff and can work with your teams to create a strategy that is right for you.

Protect without limitations

Safeguard your school community from growing risks without limiting the content or technology available to students. Step Fwd IT can help you filter online threats and even site access on the Intranet using firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and virus/malware protection.

System Maintenance & Security

We can help you implement recommended security measures to protect against growing cyber threats, including multi-factor authentication, device encryption, and offsite data back-ups. Our team will also carry out regular security maintenance, including software updates, to keep hardware and software running at peak performance and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Disaster Recovery

Despite strong security measures, sometimes cyber attacks or data breaches cannot be prevented. At Step Fwd IT, we will ensure your school has a rigid disaster recovery plan in place, and that data, access and systems can easily and quickly be recovered in event of a breach.

Security Training
The most common cyber breaches occur because of the actions of internal users. Part of our cyber security offering includes training for staff and users to ensure they are correctly using systems, are well-versed in cyber safe behaviours and are aware of and can identify risks.

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