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The Critical Importance of LMS Systems in bettering Teacher Experiences

It has been widely publicised that the education space is in somewhat of a global crisis, and Australia is not excluded from this. This stems from an unforeseen decline in the volume of available qualified teachers, making the present and future teaching landscapes seem largely unsustainable. Then of course, to perpetuate the issue even further, the industry was pushed into making mass changes in its daily operations to accommodate for the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, one thing that the culmination of these events has taught us, is the critical role that IT can play in bettering the classroom, for both students and teachers alike. When the industry was on its knees as COVID-19 restrictions kicked in, the only thing really keeping schools afloat was technology. One of the premiere examples of this is the implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) – which has emerged as a key classroom enhancement that we love to prescribe at Step Fwd IT. 

What is LMS?

Put simply, LMS is interactive software that helps to provide a centralised platform for learning within and beyond the classroom. LMS delivers a hub for teachers to share resources, feedback and tasks with students on either an individualised or collective level. 

The key benefits that schools tend to see from LMS introduction are:

  • Centralisation of Learning Information & Resources
  • Adaptable Learning for Each and Every Student
  • Increased Collaboration and Interactivity in Student Learning
  • Geographical Flexibility of the “Classroom”

The key features and functions that LMS can provide a School are:

  • Course & Curriculum Creator
  • Continuous Reporting Models
  • Rubric Reporting Models
  • Student Self-Assessment Models
  • Learning Analytics and Tools
  • Customisable Learning

How does this help with the Current & Future Teacher Experience?

It seems naive to think that the lack of desire in Australian students to become a teacher is not correlated to the experience of current teachers. And as per PeeopleBench’s 2022 State of the Sector Report, the current experience is not great. 

Many teachers reported negative feelings around their own role, their workplace and its culture. Underlying these sentiments were feelings of exhaustion and fatigue, as well as a lack of belief in their school’s ability to achieve its goals for the future. Evidently, when young Australian students who may be considering a teaching career see this, they may be very quick to dismiss the idea.

So how can Step Fwd IT help with this...

We can’t provide schools with an abundance of new teachers.

We probably can’t influence an entire culture change within schools. 

But through LMS implementation amongst many other collaborative technology solutions, we can help make the job of our teachers more functional, fluent and subsequently more fun.

Hopefully by making the job of a teacher easier, we can help to surround students with teachers that find happiness and fulfilment in their work. In turn, those students may then be inspired to follow suit in their own professional careers.

If you think you think we could better the experience of your school and its teachers,  get in touch with the Step Fwd IT Team! 

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