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Sharing faith and values for strong partnerships

As many of you would be, we were disappointed when we got the news that this year’s Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools (PAVCSS) conference was not going ahead at the scheduled date due to Victoria’s snap lockdown, with no news yet regarding when the event will be rescheduled. The event holds a place close to our heart for how well it brings together faith leaders from schools across Victoria to share their thoughts and beliefs.

Seeing as we cannot attend this year, we thought we’d consider what makes PAVCSS a valuable enabler of shared growth for the education industry and how Step Fwd IT tries to make the conference and its peers proud.

History of PAVCSS

Over the last 20 years, the PAVCSS conference has consistently brought eye-opening insights into principals’ role as faith leaders within their community.

Discussions over the years have ranged from the spiritual journey as a principal to building a faith community and taking a journey of spiritual transformation as a leader. The importance of sharing the journey of faith and education is something that has been a recent focus for the conference.

As a company that works closely with faith leaders across leading Victorian Catholic Schools, we are proud to be involved with PAVCSS and play a role in helping faith leaders provide this education from and for their beliefs no matter where we are – at home, at school or anywhere else.

The emphasis on sharing one’s faith and educating their constituents is an important area for Step Fwd IT. This is because so much of what Step Fwd IT do with schools involves sharing values and expertise to elevate the capabilities of various faculties. Simply put, it makes sense that sharing these values would naturally lead to a greater understanding of the school’s journey as a collective.

The alignment of “why?”

When you share the same passion for what you do and work together to incorporate this passion into tangible outcomes, the values of both end up being enhanced through a general understanding that “this is why we do what we do”.

To effectively communicate one’s faith and values, the partnerships you create should also reflect these beliefs. As a team, we approach work with schools not as a purely business relationship but as a close alignment of personal values. Across our team, we ensure the alignment of the why is at the core. That way, when values are in alignment, we work towards the same goals, with the same intentions and with the same outcomes.

For the schools we work with, the “why” behind what we do is to enable students, teachers, and principals alike to innovate and grow their faculties through practices that amplify their values and help share their faith – anytime, anywhere, every day.

We often integrate with the schools we work with, finding it easy to achieve fantastic outcomes due to an alignment of personal and professional values. This deeper level of teamwork leads to more opportunity for innovation, growth, and a collaborative understanding of getting from point A to B.

In this together

While we can’t be together this year for the PAVCSS conference, the message behind the conference remains clear: that sharing one’s beliefs, faith, values, and insights is made stronger when the people around you embody those beliefs – you, us, together.

We are proud to be part of PAVCSS conferences not simply because we work with the schools involved but because of how the event signifies the importance of partnerships with aligned values, faith and passion for what you do. When these are shared, there’s no limit to what you can achieve together.