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Our IT solutions for education will empower your community to excel.

Today, a school needs to seamlessly connect staff, students, and parents. Our eLearning strategies keep everyone united, engaged and supported, resulting in the best possible learning outcomes.

21st Century Learning

Step FWD IT’s 21st century learning philosophy is to walk with teachers and students to ensure that adopting new learning technologies is an exciting journey that sparks creativity, curiosity and collaboration.

Implement Office 365
Office 365 features incredible learning and collaborative tools for teachers and students, not just in the classroom, but from anywhere, anytime. We provide implementation solutions for schools who wish to utilise the power of Office 365 across any device platform.

OneNote in the Classroom
The possibilities are endless with OneNote Class Notebook and Staff Notebook. We can tailor a OneNote implementation strategy to meet the teaching and learning objectives that are specific to your school.

STEM Based Learning
Digital Technologies alongside Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM) are major focus areas of the Victorian Curriculum. We help schools integrate STEM Projects that spark curiosity and innovation.


Project Based Learning
Project or Problem Based Learning (PBL) engages and challenges students to investigate and provide possible solutions to real world problems. We work with educators to ensure that students can access technologies which complement this pedagogical approach.

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Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Our education specialists understand how to leverage a new or existing Learning Management System (LMS) to engage staff, students and parents in your college community.

Review Your eLearning
We conduct thorough health checks on your eLearning platforms, including the Learning Management System (LMS) and School Information System (SIS) to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to enhance and streamline the day-to-day user experience for members of your school community.

eLearning Roadmaps
Your Learning Management System (LMS), School Information System (SIS) and College Website play a pivotal role in the everyday life of staff, students and parents. We will help you strategically project manage new and existing eLearning platforms to ensure your school is at the forefront of information management and innovation.

Finding the Best LMS
We provide individualised support to ensure that you find the best Learning Management System (LMS)

for your school. We will help you every step of the way from developing your selection criteria to making the final decision on which LMS will ultimately enable you to deliver your school’s vision.

LMS Project Management
We know that the prospect of rolling out a new Learning Management System (LMS) can be daunting and that first impressions last! Rest assured, your school will be supported in planning and delivering every phase of this project so that your new LMS launch is a resounding success.

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Digital Learning Environments

At Step FWD IT, we compliment 21st century classroom pedagogy with user-friendly digital learning environments to enrich learning outcomes while saving the environment and reducing costs.

Continuous Reporting
Continuous reporting provides students and parents with immediate access to assessment feedback and results. If you are looking to move away from traditional end of term or semester reports, we can help you manage a seamless transition to a continuous reporting model.

Online Pastoral Care
An online pastoral care solution will improve staff confidence as it empowers teachers to better meet the needs of every student under their care. Click here to see how our client, Salesian College Sunbury, transformed the way they manage pastoral care.

Going Paperless
Want to save money on printing and photocopying costs while saving the environment and transforming learning? We can work with your staff to better utilise solutions that

streamline staff workflow, improve accessibility to resources and encourage the use of digital inking, saving both the environment and your printing budgets!

Portals, Websites and Apps
As technology evolves, schools are increasingly reliant on a variety of applications and online resources which can be confusing for users to manage. We work with schools to ensure that staff, students and parents know exactly where to find what they’re looking for.

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1:1 Device Programmes

We can connect your students to the world with the integration of 1:1 learning technologies, enabling progressive learning to take place anywhere, anytime.

Online Training Programs
The flexibility that comes with online training is an increasingly popular model for businesses and schools. To achieve high user-confidence and engagement levels for new and existing members of your school community, we can create online training resources with videos, documents and quizzes for any of your eLearning platforms.

BYO Device Strategy
To ensure a new BYO Device Programme is successful, it must be planned and strategically executed. We take the guess work out by developing a tailor-made BYO Programme for your school. Whether it be for individual year levels, specific campuses or the entire school, we have a solution.

1:1 Environment
With the evolution of online educational resources, 1:1 device access is an essential element of 21st

century learning. We can help your primary or secondary school develop a strategic plan to ensure that students have access to a desktop, laptop or tablet device in every lesson.

Policies and Resources
Helping parents understand the finer details of your BYO Programme can be a significant challenge. We support schools by creating a comprehensive set of resources for families including guidelines, frequently asked questions and purchasing portals to families understand your BYO requirements.

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“Since engaging the services of Step FWD IT, we have successfully completed several major eLearning projects to provide our students with a 21st century learning environment. Step FWD IT work with our staff, students and parents to improve the learning outcomes for our students.”

Mark Brockhus, Principal, Salesian College Sunbury

Insights for Education

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Our Partners

We partner with the world’s leading technology vendors to ensure the IT environment in your school is always ready for your changing requirements. Our partners are chosen based on a combination of experience, industry reputation, and the specific needs of your school.