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Refresh your tech: Four steps to effectively fill your technology gaps

With technology evolving so quickly, nearly all businesses – especially small or medium-sized ones – have gaps in their technology at one time or another. Discovering these gaps can make you feel exposed or concerned – like they need to be rectified immediately.

It’s important to remember though, when it comes to technology resilience gaps, fixing everything at once often isn’t feasible. Prioritising which gaps to bridge first allows you to implement the most important changes for your organisation in a manageable fashion.

Not all gaps are designed equal – some you can live with for a little while. Others could shut down vital parts of your business or allow cybercriminals to access you network and cause harm.

To identify and prioritise gaps, plan upgrades and undertake a successful ‘tech refresh’, you need to know what you have and what you’re missing. This requires a tech audit.

A tech audit will ensure you can:

1. Fix the most critical issues:

Bridging all your gaps at once is rarely practical, both financially and in terms of time and effort. It is always better to solve the most critical issues first.

2. Promote better budgetary decisions:

Prioritising gaps will allow you to distribute financial resources based on vulnerability severity, instead of randomly allocating funds.

3. Improve control over upgrades and digital transformation:

Get a better understanding of upgrades and transformation by prioritizing gaps and systematically bridging them based on their severity.

4. Avoid overburdening your business, staff, and customers:

Tending to all gaps at once can overwhelm your employees, lowering their productivity and deteriorating customer service.


After the audit, you’ll need to identify and prioritise technology gaps so you can undertake a refresh that provides maximum protection, is the most financially viable, and has the least impact on the business.

This Four-Step guide and checklist helps you prepare for and execute a tech audit, and uses the stoplight method to outline critical, medium and low priority technology gaps helping you easily prioritise and carry out your tech refresh:

Step Fwd IT Checklist-4-Steps-to-Prioritizing-Technology-Gaps-to-Bridge

Whether you already know what needs updating or need an expert to walk you through your tech and make recommendations, speak to one of our experts for a no-obligation chat.