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Case study : Healthcare

IT solutions provide the healthcare sector with instant access to patient information, and an ability to work seamlessly across facilities, devices, and networks. With Step Fwd IT’s expert assistance, healthcare providers can enjoy smooth running and secure networks, so that they can focus on what matters most – the health of their patients.

Healthcare IT challenges

Modern-day practices rely heavily on computer systems to support both staff and patients with Patient Management Systems (PMS) offering a complete end-to-end solution including patient information, records, history, and results. While many businesses and organisations are experienced in leveraging their technology, their overburdened hardware needs to be carefully managed or migrated to new systems.

While many PMS providers have developed excellent onsite PMS solutions, modern and mobile practices need to be “anywhere, anytime”, as businesses often work across multiple locations. Practices are also extremely busy workplaces, requiring systems to run smoothly at all times. Pauses or crashes will lead to long patient queues and costly delays.

How Step Fwd IT can help

Step Fwd IT is a specialist consultancy that works closely with healthcare practices to identify underlying hardware issues and optimise existing infrastructure to create secure and seamless systems. The team works with doctors, practice managers, and directors of nursing to provide long-term IT strategies that support and protect each practice for years to come.

As well as working with management, Step Fwd IT caters to staff members with varying levels of expertise, from early adopters to those with a more traditionalist approach. The consultancy communicates effectively and transparently with all staff to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner with minimal impact on daily operations. Whether it’s working on-premises or in the cloud, Step Fwd IT helps healthcare to develop 21st-century practices that support better health.

“Step Fwd IT outlined a long-term IT strategy to support and protect our business into the future.”

Vince Aberlardo – Business Manager, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons