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Case study : Financial & Professional Services

The modern financial and professional services sector relies on IT to facilitate a range of functions, from electronic funds transfers to offsite data storage. While this has transformed the way the industry does business, it also poses risks associated with security and system performance. StepFwdIT can implement safe and secure electronic data storage that remains accessible to businesses and clients alike.

Financial IT challenges

Financial and professional services have been transformed by IT and are heavily reliant on technology to function. Digital records and electronic storage have created the paperless office, and the instantaneous electronic transfer of funds and access to client’s financial systems is now commonplace.

However, with the benefits of financial sector IT systems come new risks and challenges. Notably, data security is more critical than ever, as electronically stored data is easily accessible and exploitable. The security of networks and increasingly popular cloud services are of ever-growing importance, as is managing the risks presented by employees who work from home.

How Step Fwd IT can help

Step Fwd IT can manage an office’s transformation from paper to digital or cloud-based storage practices. Before a sequenced migration from obsolescent IT hardware to new, managed virtual servers, Step Fwd IT identifies IT challenges and ensures solutions match the business reality of the client. This results in an IT solution that is specific to business needs and tailored to fit within budget constraints, while still being safe, secure and accessible 24/7. Step Fwd IT ensures businesses are protected from data loss thanks to its proven, high-speed Disaster Recovery Plans, allowing financial institutions to continue serving their clients without disruption.

“Their expertise and strong business ethic allowed to us to put into practise an IT environment that matched budget constraints.”

Leigh Marriott – Director, Sovereign Financial Services