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How IT Support for Education helps to maximise improvement in Victorian Schools.

Education IT - Bringing your Vision to Life

As a Technology Partner that specialises in IT Services for Education, it is critical for us at Step FWD IT to remain aligned with the values, priorities and goals of Victorian schools and their principals.

In providing school support solutions for over 13 years, we’ve found that implementing a standardised framework has helped us understand where schools are aiming to improve, and the education department’s FISO Model has given us a place to start.

The FISO model helps to categorise principals motives for improvement into four main segments:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Positive Climate for Learning
  • Professional Leadership
  • Community Engagement in Learning

However, the role of IT and school outsourced services in facilitating these improvements is often overlooked by school leaders. Subsequently, the aim of this paper is to explain where IT fits within the FISO Model and how it can help to perpetuate improvement amongst Victorian schools when implemented effectively. And that’s where we come in…

Check out the whitepaper below for more, and if you have any questions around bettering you school’s IT solutions never hesitate to reach out to the Step Fwd IT Team! 

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