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2023-2024 Q1 Employee Recognition Awards

At Step Fwd IT, we strongly believe that greatness should be celebrated. That’s why we encourage our remarkable team to nominate their colleagues who consistently embody our core company values and go the extra mile.

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our prestigious recognition awards for this quarter!

  • Alan Wade – Recognised by Kyle Figura for We Are A Team.
  • Chris Glerum – Recognised by Geoff Hall for Strategic Trusted IT Partner.
  • Jack Leslie – Recognised by Geoff Hall for We Bring Understanding.
  • Jared Toussaint – Recognised by Chris Mannering for We Are Supportive.

These exceptional individuals have consistently demonstrated dedication, passion, and innovation in everything they do. Their commitment to our values and their outstanding contributions have made a significant impact on our team and our company’s success.

Please join us in congratulating them for their extraordinary efforts!

2023-2024 Q1 - Alan
2023-2024 Q1 - Chris G
2023-2024 Q1 - Jack
2023-2024 Q1 - Jared