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2022-23 Q2 Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards!

With another quarter in the books, we celebrate the work of our peers in Q2 of 2022-23!

We’ve blinked and another quarter has gone by – meaning we’ve got a fresh batch of Step Fwd IT Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards!

Each and every quarter we acknowledge the work of our peers in alignment with our company values, but this one has been particularly special given our move to a sparkling new office! Although our move was short in distance, it took much sacrifice and hard work from many and we know this deserves to be recognised. 

In saying this, we are proud to announce the recipients of our 2022-23 Q2 Recognition awards are:

  • Jacob Opie – Recognised by Shaun Driesen for We are Supportive
  • Geoffrey Hall – Recognised by Tim Scholes for Strategic Trusted IT Partners
  • Gerard Walker  – Recognised by Geoffrey Hall for We bring Understanding
  • Jayden Ryall – Recognised by Shaun Driesen for We are a Team

Learn more about our Peer Recognition Awards and this quarter’s winners:

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