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Case study : Education

With Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) now an increasingly common form of delivering teaching outcomes, poorly resourced school IT departments can find it a challenge to accommodate a diverse array of technology platforms. Step Fwd IT regularly assists schools in developing roadmaps that combine individual teaching methods with the latest in learning technologies.

Education IT challenges

Widescale adoption of BYOD in education has seen demands on schools’ IT systems increase enormously. Digital teaching is dependent on managing a wide array of platforms, a task that falls to a school’s often underfunded IT department, whose ageing systems must cope with as many as 3.5 devices per student. In addition, schools require 100% uptime, as delays impact negatively on learning outcomes and the class environment. To meet the expectations of students, using both their own and the school’s IT resources, friendly and knowledgeable support is a necessity.

How Step Fwd IT can help

For Step Fwd IT, the education sector is one of the most challenging, yet exciting, that it works in. Schools are assisted by the consultancy’s development of BYOD programs that produce 1:1 learning outcomes thanks to cutting-edge teaching and learning technologies. Through planning and analysis of requirements, Step Fwd IT can install infrastructure that permits ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ learning, while teaching outcomes are aided at school by fast response and resolution times. Schools now have the opportunity to implement Step Fwd IT’s true BYOD solutions by putting in place a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) backed by Citrix XenDesktop to create a level playing field for all students.


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“Step Fwd are walking on the journey with us. Salesian has come a long way with thanks to Step Fwd IT, who have the skin for this game!”

Paul Hillas – Business Manager, Salesian College, Rupertswood