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StepFwdIT helps education institutions and businesses to embrace new technology with WiFi networks that provide a seamless user experience.

Networks designed for learning

With the proliferation of mobile devices, schools and universities are discovering new ways to integrate BYOD into the education environment.

True mobility across campuses provides students with exciting new opportunities to collaborate, learn and engage.

StepFwdIT works with education institutions to create a robust WiFi network solution that best connects students and teachers with engaging and innovative learning tools.

By ensuring a fast and secure network, StepFwdIT helps institutions enjoy the benefits of BYOD – and all without burdening the help desk.

Get in touch to discuss how WiFi can transform the way you work.


WiFi in the workplace

The abundance of personal devices and apps is transforming the workplace into a mobile friendly, anywhere, anytime environment.

Secure and solid WiFi is now considered an essential part of any business. StepFwdIT helps businesses to boost productivity and enhance collaboration by implementing the right WiFi strategy at all levels.

StepFwdIT has the expertise to put in place networks and infrastructure that provide fast and secure connections to multiple personal devices.

By taking the time to understand user needs and the limitations of physical space, StepFwdIT can create a wireless workspace that lowers operating costs and makes the most efficient use of office settings.