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At StepFwdIT, we understand every business has different IT requirements. That’s why we tailor our services and pricing plans to your specific needs, complete with 24/7 support.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our monitoring and maintenance services will maximise your network’s smooth running and operational uptime – leaving you to get on with business.

Our customised server and workstation management tool, will keep your network and systems running at peak performance. Maintenance of your IT will be automatically performed every day, and updated as needed. We’ll proactively resolve potential problems, and if an issue does arise, we’ll quickly resolve it, often before you even notice it.

We will also regularly gather your IT activities with our devices checking in every 30 seconds. And if you need all the details, we can provide complete reports encompassing your IT projects, operational details and system diagnostics.

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Security & Recovery

If the worst should happen, our security and recovery solutions will help you deliver guaranteed business continuity and uninterrupted service to your customers.

Today, network security is as important as physical security. We’ll leverage your existing investments in security, and if needed, partner with leading vendors such as Cisco and Watchguard to keep your network free from unauthorised access and prying eyes.

Disaster Recovery
We support businesses of all shapes and sizes to put in place robust disaster recovery, from protecting and backing up data, to planning ahead for temporary IT resources offsite. To cover everything from total power loss to natural disasters.

Security Audits & Planning
We can check your network’s robustness and resilience to external threats and disaster. Our reports identify potential areas of risk along with suggested improvements that will achieve the level of security and recovery you need to keep your business running.


Network Infrastructure

We put in place IT infrastructure that’s future-proofed and future-focused, to help you you get connected and stay connected.

Structured Cabling
A well planned, future-proofed approach to structured cabling should be at the heart of any best practice network design. We’ll work with you to design, install and upgrade your cabling systems to keep your network ahead of change.

In the new era of mobile offices and collaborative team-working, no business can afford to be without a comprehensive wireless solution. We work with world class partners including Cisco, to ensure you have access to the best and leading technologies to keep you ahead.

Cable Management & Patching
Many businesses prefer the hard-wired certainty that comes with cabling. We can help you build, maintain and manage your physical cable infrastructure, unraveling the spaghetti to make optimal use of the structured cabling you have in place, and recommending patch upgrades to improve its reach and reliability.

“The team at Step FWD are very focused on customer relationships. They become part of your business. We love that side of IT”

Ben Cass – Director, Marshall McAdam Recruitment


If you need to build on what you’ve got, or simply replace old with new, we’ll help you source the best solutions for your needs.

Technology procurement from StepFwdIT comes with all sorts of extra value added, at no extra cost. We have extensive experience in advising businesses on what they should buy in order to maximise functionality and stay ahead.

Our advice is based on more than just a price – it’s designed to deliver real value… and real business advantage.


Businesses and people are always on the move. We can help you relocate your IT to a different person, a different room or a different location.

People Moves
At StepFwdIT we appreciate that part of businesses is staff change – people arrive, move office and move on. We can provide you with peace of mind when your staff members move, minimising work downtime and ensuring your critical data remains secure.

Location Moves
We can help you decommission your IT kit for a move – big or small. We can then recommission and test it to ensure that it’s not only up and running, but functioning flawlessly, so you can get on with business as usual, as quickly as possible.

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