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At StepFwdIT, we put in place robust disaster recovery plans for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These plans cover everything from traditional backup methods such as tape and disk, to innovative Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) technology.

Datto appliance backups

While most businesses recognise that disaster recovery plans are essential, only an IBC solution can ensure real continuity. When disaster strikes, traditional backups can take weeks to recover data. Datto, however, can provide businesses with access to their system within minutes.

Datto offers a quick and efficient transfer of files to off-site data centres, even with low bandwidth or busy networks. The recovery is a fully automated backup process, with very little manual management required. It also provides minimal risk of corrupted backups or data loss. The ability to keep a business running in the event of disaster has immeasurable value. This new

standard provides businesses with secure data, instant recovery and 24-hour commercial continuity.

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Traditional agent based backup and replication

The traditional agent based backup and replication approach is a failsafe way to protect your information. StepFwdIT can work with you to integrate comprehensive data protection into your IT environment, creating a set-and-forget solution, that is easy to manage and automate.

Both traditional and IBC solutions back up in similar ways, by taking machine snapshots and storing those images with incremental changes. Images can then be replicated offsite for full data recovery. Recovery times, however, are extremely varied. Using the traditional solution, we can quickly recover files and operating systems.

Unfortunately, if there is a hardware fault with the server, we need to replace this before you are back up and running. To mitigate downtime and ensure business continuity, we now recommend the IBC Datto solution for most of our clients.