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There’s no right or wrong solution when it comes to on-premise or cloud solutions, it really comes down to your individual business needs and infrastructure.

Delivery Models

We work with a range of delivery models to provide you with the best, most flexible and scalable IT environments for your business.

On premise
At StepFwdIT we understand that some organisations still require traditional on premise IT solutions for a range of reasons – from security, to control of their systems and data.

We can manage your onsite physical infrastructure, providing maintainance and support. And with our 24×7 monitoring agent we can detect issues, large or small, within 30 seconds – ensuring optimal operational up time.

We can combine your on-premises infrastructure with dynamic cloud based solutions providing you with a highly customised approach – ensuring your business can take full advantage of the benefits both models provide.

A hybrid approach can help your business provide the flexibility and mobility your staff want and need, while also controlling data security that management, customers and other stakeholders require. And our 24×7 monitoring will also be there, working across both your cloud and on premise equipment, ensuring issues can be resolved quickly when they arise.

The Cloud is a computing revolution that can open-up a world of possibilities for your business. It can help you create an office without walls and wires – enabling you and your team to be anywhere, yet still work together as though you were in the same room. And as the needs of your business change, your IT can change with you, without the outlay or limitations of some traditional IT on premise solutions.

At StepFwdIT we can help you to easily and securely transition your IT to the cloud, so you can take full advantage of the cost savings and scalability cloud can provide.


Get in touch to discuss what model is right for your business.


Cloud Hosting

StepFwdIT provides a range of hosted solutions giving businesses unparalleled flexibility, without the cost burden of technology ownership and management.

Hosted desktop
Our hosted desktop solutions enable staff to work safely and securely, with an Internet connection, whenever and wherever they are.

Hosted inline business applications
Our hosted inline business applications are perfect for businesses that still have a legacy or traditional application model, but need to be mobile or are transitioning off aging infrastructure.

Hosted corporate applications
Our hosted corporate application solutions – including productivity suites like Microsoft Office and Adobe – enable businesses to easily scale and budget their IT spend.



Hosted backup storage and recovery
We monitor, manage and report on our hosted backup storage and recovery solutions – providing businesses with more reliability by enabling them to recover a single file or an entire system, without needing to change tapes or drives.

Hosted email
Hosted email with StepFwdIT help staff members stay securely connected and in touch with work and customers at all times, even when outside the office.

We’ll help you enable your staff to connect, collaborate and have the freedom to work securely; wherever, whenever and on whichever device they choose.