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Michael Luycx – Engineer

Michael started his IT “career” modifying games on the Commodore 64 at an early age (yes, he is that old!) and has ever since been passionate about computers. Begging his parents for an IBM compatible computer back in 1989 initially fell on deaf ears, because they claimed “this is just a phase and it will never take off”.

He thoroughly enjoys reminding them of this statement whenever the opportunity presents itself. Michael started his IT career with American Express and IBM in the UK, and later emigrated to Australia to work with government organisations such as the department of Justice, Cenitex and non-profit organisations such as Cancer Council and Salvation Army, before arriving at StepFWDit in June 2015, bringing along a wealth of very diverse experience in many different business environments.

Michael speaks fluent Flemish (mothertongue, similar to Dutch), French, Italian and a smattering of German, in addition to English, all of which (except the last one) are not particularly useful in Australia!

In his off-time, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife; his two adopted cats; two rescued greyhounds and two expensive horses. He is also known to spend a fair amount of time playing online games (understatement of the year if you were to ask his wife!).